We Oppose The Stop Patriarchy ‘Freedom Ride’ In Texas

We are a united group of activists and organizations working for reproductive justice in Texas and allies standing in solidarity with those who work in Texas, and we urge you: DO NOT SUPPORT STOP PATRIARCHY.

Stop Patriarchy is a New York-based group that intends to stage an “Abortion Rights Freedom Ride" leading "confrontational" protests in four Texas cities beginning July 30, 2014, ostensibly in opposition to state lawmakers’ attacks on access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.

We believe there are better, homegrown, and more effective ways to help Texans in the long-term, and we encourage those who wish to help to support local efforts to increase access to legal abortion care rather than fund this brief bus tour.

This is important because Stop Patriarchy is diverting both financial contributions and energy away from groups which have been doing important work in Texas for years or decades. Stop Patriarchy is not collaborating with any reputable Texas-based organizations, and in fact, many organizations working toward reproductive justice in Texas and across the country have actively and openly rejected Stop Patriarchy’s presence because of the group’s history of using disruption and intimidation to promote their own agenda above all others.

Fundamentally, Stop Patriarchy’s “Abortion Freedom Ride” lacks transparency: we don’t know where the money they’ve raised is going or how they intend to use it to benefit the people of Texas over the long haul, and they have not established any concrete goals or actions that will help Texans access the full spectrum of reproductive health care services they need. 

Stop Patriarchy has not reached out to Texas activists and organizations in a spirit of collaboration; instead, they simply informed Texans and Texas groups of their intention to conduct a “freedom ride,” and many times asked for financial contributions. When Texans responded with questions and concerns, Stop Patriarchy refused to respond or engage in good-faith discussions with activists on the ground. Instead, Stop Patriarchy has asked people at Warped Tour to hold up signs supporting their Texas “ride.”

Aside from the lack of transparency and questionable tactics, Stop Patriarchy is racist, Islamophobic, anti-sex worker and anti-pornography. The group is directly connected to the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, a cult of personality led by Bob Avakian with a long history of transphobic and homophobic views.

We ask those who want to support the cause of reproductive justice in Texas to contribute their time and their money to local, goal-oriented groups that have trustworthy track records providing resources and services to Texans, rather than donating to a one-off bus tour, with no clear goals or outcomes, conducted by a handful of out-of-state protestors.

If you’d like more information about Stop Patriarchy’s views (including links to their own words) or on the important work being done by the reproductive justice groups already on the ground in Texas, we invite you to read our Letter of Concern.

We invite you to join us in opposing Stop Patriarchy’s Texas “Freedom Ride.” 


A. Lynn - Austin, Texas

A.L. Mirasol - Austin, Texas

Aaron Welch - Austin, Texas

Abigail Dalgleish Hazlett - Dallas, Texas

Aimee Arrambide - Austin, Texas

Aimee Tullos - Denton, Texas

Alison Parker - Petaluma, California

Amanda Williams - Houston, Texas

Amelia Long

Amy Cavender, M.Ed. - Austin, Texas

Amy Elizabeth McCarthy - Dallas, Texas

Amy Olguin Pownall

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Anna Rubin - Austin, Texas

Annanda Barclay - Chicago, Illinois via Austin, Texas

Annette Torres

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Ashanta Smith - Springfield, Massachusetts

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Blake Rocap

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Callie Snyder - Austin, Texas

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Christine Bible - Irving, Texas

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Christine Salek - Des Moines, Iowa

Christyne Harris - Austin, Texas

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Cindy Noland - Austin, Texas

Clinic Access Support Network - Houston, Texas

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Deva Cats-Baril - Vermont

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Dria Miller - Corpus Christi, Texas

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Elisabeth Fernandez - proud UTSA alum in Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth Pancotti

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Erin Susan Jennings - San Antonio, Texas

Farah Diaz-Tello - New York, New York via Austin, Texas

Feminist Justice League - Iowa branch

Fund Texas Women

Genevieve Cato

Genevieve Van Cleve - Texas Women Vote Project

Georgette K. - Chicago, Illinois

Ginger Hintz - Oakland, California

Gulielma Leonard Fager - Austin, Texas & Baltimore, Maryland

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Oklahomans For Reproductive Justice

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